How does the machinery and equipment industry get customers, what are the promotion methods and what are the advantages respectively?

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2023-08-12 00:00

Influenced by Internet +'s way of thinking, all fields are now opening up marketing channels according to Internet technology, and building Internet sales websites is also a new way that many companies are exploring and have already done. Machinery and equipment products as a traditional large field, the traditional mode of operation is based on manufacturers and regional agents as the leading secondary market sales and after-sales management system, try to develop and design regional agents to get marketing promotion closed-loop control.

However, with the development of the mobile Internet, the information content of mechanical equipment products is becoming more and more transparent. Relying only on the traditional business operation model will lead to the outflow of many users. If you do not directly switch to Internet marketing, complete the simultaneous market sales of the Internet and the Internet, Will face the risk of being replaced by the market. So machinery and equipment industry has what good network marketing promotion method?

1. Search engine

Mechanical equipment products belong to non-consumer goods. The key consumer groups to deal with include individuals and group company customers. Generally, these two types of customers are more optimistic about the reputation and credit of well-known brands of products. Baidu search engine service platform is the most convenient and quick way to accept these data. Improving the ranking of enterprise websites on Baidu search engine can make customers realize whether the company attaches great importance to brand promotion.

2. From the media

The development trend of mobile Internet has hatched many self-media and occupied many Internet traffic. The self-media platform has become a full-staff fashion trend and full-staff work. The built-in flow pool of the self-media platform can not only produce very optimistic direct economic benefits for machinery and equipment companies, but also improve the company's reputation, publicity planning and promotion of products, and discover a large number of high-quality customers.

Advantages: With the help of intelligent optimization algorithm technology, the new self-media can strongly recommend valuable and humanized information content according to the user's portrait, and complete the accurate delivery of targeted promotion.

3. E-commerce platform

The popularization of smart phones and the generation of personal behavior of online shopping have fattened many e-commerce platforms. E-commerce platform to the store and customers to create a convenient platform for transactions, to promote the sale of timely, rapid development. The diversity of mechanical equipment product specifications and the long production cycle, if you can not directly grasp the user's regulations, it is very easy to lead to the risk of production capacity.

Advantages: The e-commerce platform gives customers big data for purchasing products, which brings direction to production and manufacturing. Timely feedback from customers can make the finished products manufactured by the company happen to be necessary, reducing the inventory backlog of production capacity. In addition, the main advantage of the e-commerce platform is to give a business and users can buy and sell in a timely manner and improve the after-sales service to ensure the service platform, build a store and customers trust the public bridge.

4. Operator Big Data Customer

Operator big data marketing is the combination of Unicom telecom mobile communication technology, operator big data technology and marketing promotion. The key is to advertise at the right time, according to the right media, in the right way, to the right people, effectively advertising in the target consumer groups of marketing. The expected effect can be quantified after publication, and the preventive measures can be adjusted at any time and anywhere to save costs.

However, there is no timely data information feedback mechanism system for the publication of traditional advertising mainstream media. It can only be considered according to the sales market situation of products and services in the future, and can not accurately locate the target audience.

Advantages: Operators big data customers have a large amount of information, data information practicality, high accuracy of data information, real data information, customer portrait all-round, customer domain identification matching high characteristics.

Operators big data in the comparison of bidding, can ensure that a willing real-time traffic outflow, in comparison with data collection, data collection and other technical will be more accurate than the data information, first-hand data information purity higher advantages. It is suitable for accurate extension customers in different fields. It can capture accurate data information from all parts of the country or specific regions at will. It is a real-time data with high accurate and reasonable conversion.

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