Development Prospect Status and Development Trend of Machinery and Equipment Industry

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2023-01-03 00:00

The machinery industry is a typical discrete manufacturing industry, which is characterized by multi-variety and small batch production. There are many kinds of products, complex products, and many uncertain factors affecting the production process. Emergency orders and equipment failures often occur, which make the production plan change. The manufacturing process is complex and there are many uncertain factors in the production process. The coordination of the whole production process cannot be guaranteed by empirical scheduling, process control is difficult and management is difficult.

Four Characteristics of Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Industry

1, according to customer requirements for production, product process changes frequently, production plan changes frequently;

2. For multi-variety and small-batch production, the production mode is mainly order-based, supplemented by market forecast;

3, the production process is mainly machining, and then the various components assembled, assembly is the key, many processing equipment;

4, semi-finished products, purchased parts more, frequent access to the warehouse, BOM and inventory accuracy is higher.

Three Management Difficulties in Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Plan is difficult to manage

The market competition is fierce, the product personalized demand is more and more, the customer request delivery time is shorter and shorter;

The production plan is greatly influenced by the market, and the production mode of multi-variety and small batch leads to heavy planning management tasks, low planning accuracy and difficult market prediction.

Production is difficult to coordinate

The production mode of machinery manufacturing industry is mainly discrete-based, process-based and assembly-based. The production form of products is multi-variety and small batch, and there is a situation of inserting orders, which requires high synergy in the production process;

Side research and development, side production, the existence of project manufacturing production mode, product production changes frequently, directly affect the production cost control, especially the project system accounting cost production mode, the accuracy of the data directly affects the cost of the project and the profitability of the enterprise;

Product production process is long, quality control points, it is difficult to find problems and defects in time, so the production process and quality control ability is directly related to production efficiency and product quality.

Difficult to control on site

The product structure of the machinery and equipment industry is clear and clear, but the product configuration is complex and the BOM level is many, which leads to the placement of production orders and the management of on-site processes;

The management of materials and logistics on the production site and the control of line side warehouses are the key points. There are many semi-finished products and purchased parts, which require high inventory accuracy;

Raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are frequently in and out of the warehouse. The key to improve production efficiency and product quality is to feed, unfeed, prevent and prevent errors.

Two Digital Demands of Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Production, supply and marketing collaboration

Machinery and equipment enterprises need to design, manufacture and deliver products on time according to the market and customer demand, and there are problems in the production process, such as scattered production stations, unfixed process routes, random allocation of resources, so it is very important to optimize the use of resources and reasonable arrangement. It is necessary to fully consider factors such as the market, supply chain, manufacturing site and customers to prepare a scientific production plan. At the same time, in order to make better use of resources, it is necessary to feedback the information of the production site in time to provide support for production decisions.

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