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The machinery manufacturing industry includes seven detailed industry segments, three of which manufacture machinery for specific industries, called special-purpose machinery: agricultural, construction and mining machinery manufacturing, industrial machinery manufacturing, and commercial and service machinery manufacturing.

The machines manufactured by the other four parts are used by many different industries called general machinery: ventilation, heating, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturing; metal processing machinery manufacturing; engine, turbine and power transmission equipment manufacturing; and other general machinery manufacturing. The following will mainly introduce the nature of the machinery manufacturing industry.

The Nature of Machinery Manufacturing

Metal processing machinery industry: manufacturing machinery and tools for forming, cutting and shaping metals. The properties, strength, and durability that make metals desirable ingredients in many commercial products also make metals difficult to form. The special drill bits, grinders, molds, presses and accessories used in these machines are all manufactured in this industry. Metal processing machinery manufacturing accounts for a high proportion of the institutions that make up the machinery manufacturing industry, because most of these factories are small in scale.

Agriculture and construction machinery manufacturing industry: partly composed of larger institutions, producing both large precision machines and ordinary household equipment. Examples include leaf blowers and cultivators for personal and commercial use, bulldozers and backhoes for road and building construction.

What is mechanical manufacturing

Ventilation, heating, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturing industry: segment provides climate control machinery for residential and commercial buildings. In addition to heating and cooling equipment, air purification equipment, which is increasingly common in new buildings, and commercial refrigeration equipment, mainly for food storage, are also produced.

Commercial and service machinery manufacturing industry: The sector produces machinery used by companies that provide services. For example, companies in this market segment produce commercial household appliances, such as laundry equipment used in laundromats and vacuum cleaners used in cleaning services. Other large components in this industry include vending machines, non-electronic office equipment such as typewriters and mail sorters, and machinery for making optical lenses.

Industrial machinery manufacturing industry: The segment produces machinery used to produce finished products from raw materials. Product processing materials include: plastic, rubber and glass. The machinery manufactured in this field is also used for printing and bookbinding and for the manufacture of semiconductors and circuit boards.

Engine, turbine and power transmission equipment manufacturing: The department includes various machines that transfer work of one type to another type of equipment. The turbine uses the energy generated by the movement of steam, gas, water or wind to produce mechanical power by turning a drive shaft. Turbines, along with gears, gearboxes, clutches, drive chains and pulleys (also manufactured in this segment), make assembly lines and other industrial machinery work. The turbine is connected to a generator and also produces electrical energy. This industry segment also produces diesel and other internal combustion engines and their components, which are used to power portable generators, air compressors, pumps and other equipment. Aircraft and automotive engines are produced by aerospace products and parts manufacturing and automotive and parts manufacturing, respectively, elsewhere.

What is mechanical manufacturing

Other general machinery manufacturing: production of various machines used mainly by the manufacturing industry. These include pumps, compressors, welding and welding equipment, and packaging machinery. It also manufactures various material handling equipment such as industrial trucks and tractors, overhead cranes and cranes, conveyors, and many types of hydraulic equipment for use in manufacturing and other industries. Its production of other common machinery such as: weighing and electric hand tools as well as elevators, escalators and so on.


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