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GTO series solid state coupling module energy saving safety coupling

GTO solid-state coupling module energy-saving safety coupling, suitable for mechanical equipment with load start-up, large starting inertia of working machine, difficult start-up, overload safety protection, frequent start-up without large-scale speed regulation. Such as drum induced draft fan, pump, oil field pumping unit, belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, stacker and reclaimer, ball mill, crusher, mineral powder sintering machine, air compressor, sand cleaning roller, crane walking mechanism, steel rolling mill pusher, boiler grate drive, etc.

STC series belt conveyor special low-speed diaphragm coupling

High strength, strong flexibility, good torsional rigidity, large carrying capacity, suitable for large equipment. The power/mass ratio is large, the precision is high, the dynamic balance performance is good, the additional load acting on the connecting equipment is small, and the vibration reduction effect is good. Low restoring force and strong ability to compensate for coupling deviation. Angular, radial and axial installation deviation can be compensated by flexible components. Can withstand -60 ℃ C- 350 ℃ high and low temperature, acid and alkali resistance, adapt to harsh working conditions. Good vibration damping mechanical characteristics, impact resistance, vibration absorption, noise reduction, so as to effectively improve the service life of the main and driven units. Independent structure of flexible (vulnerable) components; Maintenance-free, visible to the naked eye in use, easy to check, no replacement of the unit, greatly reducing labor intensity and small shutdown time of the unit equipment, greatly improving production efficiency.

D-ST(#)C Low Speed Heavy Duty Diaphragm Coupling

D-ST(#)C low-speed and heavy-duty diaphragm coupling is a high-damping flexible diaphragm assembly connected to the main and slave bushings or flanges, and the strength of the diaphragm assembly transmits torque and operates synchronously (rotation without clearance); At the same time, the elastic deformation of the diaphragm assembly meets the shafting deviation.

G-T drum elastic sleeve pin coupling

G-T the drum-shaped elastic sleeve coupling can be operated with load when overloaded, it is particularly suitable for the special safety and reliability requirements of drives, such as cable cranes and escalators. It is a flexible coupling with simple and compact structure, which can withstand alternating torque impact and load.

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