Mechanical equipment manufacturing solutions

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2023-01-18 00:00

Provide MES solutions for mechanical equipment manufacturing according to the characteristics of the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry, including: production planning and scheduling, process management, data collection, workshop site management, product tracking/logistics, quality control and analysis, equipment management, personnel management and other business modules, which are seamlessly connected with ERP, realize real-time collection and response to workshop production data, and completely solve the problems of poor information and difficult control in the workshop, significantly increase production plan achievement rate, shorten production cycle and increase production capacity.

production planning and scheduling

According to the planning constraints, the work order is sorted, and the task is allowed to insert the order, and manual adjustment, work order urgent processing, etc.

Process Management

Can define the product process, work instructions, assembly drawings, etc. The actual production operation is carried out according to the process guidance to prevent errors and stay.

Data acquisition

Through scanning bar code, RFID, equipment sensors and other data acquisition modes, automatic production visual kanban, real-time monitoring of production progress and planning differences, real-time follow-up.

Workshop site management

On-site management includes production dispatch, start-up, first inspection, final inspection, material distribution and other management. Employees can generate dispatch tasks according to self-service terminals, report work, inspection and other work.

quality control analysis

With the standard process control, to achieve the production process error-proof, anti-stay. For the reporting and handling of quality problems, the analysis of quality problems in the past period of time, the formation of various quality control reports.

Product tracking/logistics

Through SN information such as product serial number and material batch number, the production status, quality, process and logistics of the product are tracked to understand the production status of the work in progress.

Equipment Management

Through the equipment interconnection DIP platform real-time monitoring of equipment operating status, processing history, equipment utilization analysis, etc., to provide a basis for improving equipment utilization.

Personnel management

Personnel qualification certification, post control, timely statistics of personnel performance.

In the production process, combined with the production progress, equipment, quality and other abnormalities, the relevant responsible person can be notified as soon as possible, and the immediate notification processing.

Program Features

-A variety of data acquisition solutions: according to different field environment, support the use of bar code, RFID, sensors, equipment interconnection and other acquisition methods.

-Based on independent research and development of MC cloud platform: on the basis of industry standard modules, it can be customized by users, and can also be customized to mine information in depth according to the characteristics of the actual industry.

-Mature industry package: Accumulated many years, multiple industry application projects, and continue to refine the standard to the industry package, can be quickly implemented and deployed.

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