Precision structure industry technology level trend and development trend analysis

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Precision structure industry technology level trend and development trend analysis

1, the industry has a relationship

(1) The relationship between the upstream industry and the precision structure industry.

The upstream of the precision structural parts industry mainly includes the equipment manufacturing industry and the raw material production industry. Among them, the equipment mainly includes mold processing equipment, injection molding production equipment, stamping production equipment, testing equipment, etc. At present, the common precision and speed processing equipment in the industry has basically achieved domestic matching, while the high-speed and high-precision equipment is mainly imported from Japan, Switzerland and Germany. In contrast, the purchase of imported equipment costs more, and the later operation and maintenance costs of the equipment are also higher.

Upstream raw materials are mainly plastic particles and steel, copper and other metal raw materials. Plastic particles are petrochemical products, mainly affected by oil prices; the prices of metal raw materials are mainly affected by fluctuations in the prices of metal commodities, and the related materials are common materials in the industry, with relatively stable sources of supply at home and abroad.

(2) The relationship between the downstream industry and the precision structure industry.

The downstream applications of the precision structure industry include consumer electronics, smart home and automotive electronics. The demand for products in different fields varies obviously, and customized product development, design and manufacturing need to be completed according to customer requirements. Therefore, the demand changes in the downstream industry will directly affect the market environment of the precision structure industry.

In order to ensure the quality of supply and timely delivery, downstream customers usually have strict supplier qualification review standards. The scope of review includes the supplier's machinery and equipment, mold development capabilities, supply speed, capacity assurance, production management, quality control, Credit status, etc., can only enter the supplier list of downstream customers on the premise of reaching the standards in all aspects.

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